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My mixed media sculptural forms are influenced by the fractured rock surfaces and stone landscapes I have experienced in my travel across the US and Europe. These constructions are meditations on the “earth bones” that we live on. In addition, the constructions bring together my interest in the mountain / stone / ice as a geological formation and the spiritual character often ascribed to these landscapes. The wooden structures represent an human imposed element of isolation, meditation, and a symbolic place to escape the crowded modern world. The ultimate goal is to draw the viewer in to the “enormous smallness” of the work in order to create an intellectual space for contemplation. A new variation on this series of work moves the earth bones to the wall as waves. We are riding on the thin crust of a moving earth wave.


Earth Wave: Triptych, woodfired stoneware, 14″ tall each


Earth Wave: Fault, woodfired stoneware, 14″ tall


Hermit, woodfired stoneware and wood, 13″ high



Escape Ladder, woodfired stoneware and wood, 14″ high


Observer, woodfired stoneware and wood, 16″ high


Plank, woodfired stoneware, wood, and kiln cast glass, 8″ wide


Peek/Peak, woodfired stoneware and wood, 24″ high


Future Neighbors, woodfired stoneware, bone china, and kiln cast glass, 8″ wide


Earth Bones: Twins
, woodfired stoneware and wood, 8″ high


Earth Bones: Three Brothers
, woodfired stoneware and wood, 6″ high


All images on this page: Ann Cady